Thursday, September 10


Yeah, I need to, what to say. I'm having a hard time remembering what all has happened since last time I blogged, perhaps I should check my facebook status' of late...Oh, yes.

Ok, we had a great Welcome Party for Dorcas Sunday after church (photos in album to right). She couldn't stop smiling! ...The Nichols grandparents stayed through till Tuesday and then Debby had to do some quick last minute book editing Grandma Davis before she finally sent it off to 24hourBooks quick before Fred left for the airport Wednesday morning. Oh, and Dad left with Fred, had a great short trip and came back last Saturday while Fred remained and met Frank Perish for a conference they are doing over there now (the building is so packed out they had to close registration, it's going so well!)...Marie-Louise, also got back from Honduras last Saturday but Tim didn't bring her back from Ohio till Sunday. We planned and succesfully pulled off a rather large surprise welcome home party for her too (pics, also, to the right) since she arrived at our house about an hour after we got back from church. I thought Deb did rather good at inviting people and I at organizing the decorations; it turned out really nice and bigger then we first thought, too! And, of course, Weesy was surprised and loved it! ...And, in the middle of all that, I managed to kill the printer as it ran out of ink! So much for trying to get the women's conference brochures out by the first of the month! I did manage to get about 50 suitable brochures printed to hand out at church and our Jubilee Celebration Monday, so at least a bit of the word is out now. Otherwise, I'm waiting for the new Magenta catridge to arrive in the mail. Any day now. Any day!

Oh, and off on a side note, I don't know if any of y'all have seen my sister's funky blogs lately but I can't help but laugh. That's about what I'd be blogging half the time when I'm to busy to process my going-ons enough to write about it! Of course it also reminds me of my late nights, board to death, with a fried brain from school nights too; except I used to try out new, other-worldy, or just plain funky, hair-do's instead (think Star Wars and Princess Leia or Padme, but worse?!). Oddly, however, I still have those pictures on my computer. Maybe I'll post them for y'alls amusement sometime!

And, before I forget. This week and weekend are really busy too. Tim & Emily have been around for a few days, leaving tomorrow though. Bill is spackling and helping fix the entry way and hallway and stairway for the next few days, as well as make sure Weesy & Dorcas get a ride to and from school. M-L and Dorcas, like I just said, have started school. Meanwhile Deb, Deb's mom, and Cathy left for a nice vacation/tour of DC this morning and won't be back till Monday. Dad, of course, will get here sometime tomorrow, I would think. And my sister Alissa is finally coming for a weekend to visit, albeit a short weekend as she only gets here Saturday and has to head back to school Sundays; but maybe we can finally watch a couple those movies I've been wanting to see with her (like Thr3e and Hannah Montana: The Movie--yes, I have weird taste!). Of course, we also have to do some shoping which she hasn't been able to do as the school is way to remote -- oh, poor, deprieved Eliminites/Limains!