Friday, November 27

Christmas Decorating

If you knew me growing up, you'd know that I was raised on a college campus. This college always had an Open Door night right before Christmas break, and the halls and dorms would go all out and decorate their place! So, starting young, I practiced for my chance. Well, since then, I sometimes still go all out. This year, I thought I'd let y'all know, is one of those years! I've only posted a couple of my favorite pictures, but for more, check out my facebook!

Next year I probably won't even touch my stuff because I went so far out this year! But, hey, we got the pictures to show it...wonder what'll I do if I ever get more then just a bedroom to decorate?!

Thursday, November 26


We celebrated at Ange's apartment (used to be Deb & Fred's years ago; the one above-ish the church).
As you can see, Marie-Louise likes her cool-whip for desert (who cares for a little pie with it, anyway?)Played Apples-to-Apples which Little Charlie's girl-friend, Melissa, taught to us, while some of the men watch football or napped, and later Deb & Cheri hacked out a Black-Friday shopping schedule/spree. Then we hit Ernie's to see Grandpa Davis quick, before heading home (in a very in-direct way!)

Tuesday, November 3


Well, I wrote this in my journal while in the Philippines, figuring when I got back I'd post it. If my sister can talk about her bruised toe, I can talk about a sunburn, eh?!
This is the vehicle that most of the team and all our luggage rode in to go to and from various towns all over Palawan, Philippines. While riding it, sometimes we arranged luggage and other items in the middle so a couple of us could rest along the bench seats. One of our first trips, I was leaning on some luggage while stretched across a bench, with an arm hanging out the window. At some point in time I took my headband off so it wouldn't slide off my head and lose it, and I wrapped it around my arm. Then I fell asleep. Without paying attention to which arm was hanging out, or even the fact that I was sleeping on the side of the vehicle the sun was shining in. Here is the result:

Monday, November 2

Pastor Jun's Truck

For those who heard we were raising money to buy a new vehicle for Pastor Jun, we did. We helped him pick up the vehicle within the first few days on the island. And this is it:

Nice, eh?