Monday, November 17

I'm Back...

Just wanted to let y'all know I'm back. Thanks y'all again for helping me go! It was a great trip...struggling with jet-lag and all that, but I'll post soon...that is if the Thanksgiving & Christmas rush/season doesn't sweep me away...

<>< HJ

Tuesday, October 28

Leaving on the Everlasting Flights...

What a fellowship, what a joy to find,
Working with this missions team of nine,
What a blessing that, what a trip is this,
Leaving on the everlasting flights...

I'm leaving,
I'm leaving,
High and long from here to the Field,
Oh, I'm leaving,
Yeah, I'm leaving,
Leaving on the everlasting flights.

Safe in God I lean, what have I to fear,
Even on this everlasting flight,
I have blessed peace with my Lord so near,
Leaving on the everlasting flights...

NOTE: "Everlasting" is a slight exaggeration in reference to a flight that takes 16-18hr from NYC to Hong Kong...Also, if I had time, I'm sure I could write more verses...but I'm leaving! Yeah, I'm leaving...Keep us all in your prayers!

Christ's blessings to y'all,
<>< HJ

Saturday, October 25

Not Much...

Besides the last post, not much has happened in the last week. However, I know y'all will want to hear from me before I leave, so I'm writing a quick note...

Fred & Deb will get back from the conference Debby is doing in Canada tomorrow, though probably more like Monday considering the hour. My wonderful friend from Avon will come tomorrow sometime too, but in the afternoon-ish. Of course Bill and Cathy are around for the weekend but I hear they'll be popping in and out; they however, aren't going to the Philippines this year. Emily & Michelle will show up Monday, hopefully early enough to help with the packing/sorting/weighing/etc we do to our suitcases before we leave. (It's gonna be partly a medical team/trip this time, so we gotta divide up medicine, check weight of our bags, figure in the second bags we each have if we need, etc). Starting tomorrow night, we probably won't get much sleep. After all, we have to be packed and ready to leave for the Buffalo airport at 2AM. But what with a 16+ HR flight and several hour layovers between shorter flights (it takes nearly two days to get to Manila, and three total till we get that last flight to Puerto Princesa from Manila; don't forget we lose 12hrs flying across the International Dateline) hopefully we'll catch up on our sleep and rest well!

Anyway, we leave for the Buffalo Airport at 2AM Tuesday, arrive there a couple hours later, fly out a couple more hours later. We fly to JFK airport in NYC, where we then have a several hour layover before taking the long flight to Hong Kong, where we then have a couple hour layover, a short flight to Manila and a place to rest for a short time. Then a day of shopping, picking up our tickets to Puerto Princessa, and eventually flying there at another "un-Godly" hour in the morning...probably.

You have to remember that missions trip are ALWAYS subject to change, and unless otherwise noted Deb and Christina Dunk (a friend from NH) will be the main speakers though we will all have our turn sharing, but here is the tentative schedule as Debby wrote it:

Friday, Oct 31, Arrive in Puerto Princesa

Saturday, Nov 1, Fishing Village
Church Service as night

Sunday, Nov 2, Puerto Princesa
Pastor Jun's church all day
(Grace, Pastor Jun's daughter, leads Street Kids Ministry afternoon, we'll be ready to sing & preach)
Sunday night church service

Monday, Nov 3 Evening-Tuesday, Nov 4, Puerto Princesa
Seminar & Medical clinic

Wednesday, Nov 5, Aborlan & Princess Urduja
Aborlan: Morning & Afternoon services
Princes Urduja: Evening Service with Pastor Jonathan

Thursday, Nov 6, Nara
Bible School teaching all day
(Pastor Jonathan is the leader of the collage)

Friday, Nov 7 - Saturday, Nov 8, Quezon
Morning & Evening services, Medical Clinic @ local Tribal church

Sunday, Nov 9, Quezon & Puerto Princesa
Quezon: Sunday morning service
LOOOONGG drive back to Puerto Princesa

Monday, Nov 10, San Miguel & Roxas
San Miguel: visit/do morning service?
Roxas: evening service

Tuesday, Nov 11, Dumaran
Drive to and do Evening service

Wednesday, Nov 12-Thursday, Nov 13, El Nido
Drive to and do Evening service
All day seminar & medical clinic

Friday, Nov 13, Puerto Princesa
Drive back to Puerto Princesa

Saturday, Nov 14, Manila
Fly back to Manila

Sunday, October 19

QUICK NOTE: Philippines Trip

For all you friends and family out there praying for me and the last little bit to come in for my trip to the Philippines, I have a praise report:



One person called right after I posted Saturday morning wanting to know where to send it, knocking the total needed down to $300. Then this morning, a friend from my old home church in Hemlock sent out the prayer request for me at church this morning and afterward someone came up to her and wrote out a check for me to cover the rest! Hallelujah!

Pray for safe travels, and hopefully a seat on the same plane with Debby and the rest of team once we get to Manila, Philippines (I wasn't able to book that flight at the same time, so there is the sad possibility of me needing extra protection traveling for a short flight by myself!)

To everyone who has helped me in prayers and financial support, especially lately, THANK YOU! Many blessings to you and yours!

Christ's friend on the mission field,
<>< HJ

Friday, October 17

URGENT: Philippines Trip

This is just a quick note to let everyone know that I have most of the money coming in for my trip to the Philippines! Praise God!

BUT there is one draw back! I can't get my plane ticket (must have the check in the mail Tuesday!) without the full amount for the trip. (FYI: debit cards, etc can't be used in the Philippines)

SO, I need JUST $400 dollars more to come in by Tuesday! If 8 people could find it in their heart to mail $50 each, it would all be covered!

Thank You!

Christ's blessings to y'all,
<>< HJ

Wednesday, October 1

Marie-Louise...craziness of youth

Marie-Louise put on her bathrobe, saying how warm it was. When the time came for our usual Wednesday-night Prayer Meeting at the church, she said she wanted to go in her bathrobe. Deb told her it would look goofy and we were certain when the time came, she would be too embarrassed and take it off before entering the church. So we let her travel in it.

She, of course, insisted she wasn't embarrassed and would wear it just fine! So we decided to put her to the test; so how hard it would be for her to appear in it.

First we tried McDonald's--Debby said she wanted a carbonated beverage (soda, or Pop, or whatever y'all call it). She insisted she would run in and meet us at the other side, but when we started to pull by drive-through (we were certain we would be waiting forever for her to actually do it & we were already cutting it close to get to church on time) she didn't jump out. Didn't even budge...We picked on her for it, of course, and she finally insisted she could do it. Then Debby pulled into one of her favorite gas station companies. M-L looked nervous and said "what are we doing here?"

Debby smiled and responded, "Your going in to get me something!"

Of course, Debby had her carbonated drink, so what else could it be? As it turned out, after Debby parked, she pulled out a dollars worth of change and told M-L to go in and get her something she would like for a dollar. By then we had egged M-L on enough, she didn't take long before budging this time and darted in.
While she was in, we pulled out of our parking spot and went to the other side of the lot. Just to scare her a bit. Then we honked when she came out and looked worried. She hadn't wasted any time in finding Debby a candy bar!

Marie-Louise told us in the van that she would have to put this "bright idea" in a book called "Not the Brightest Ideas Marie-Louise Ever Had!" As you can guess, her stubborn ways not only creates a lot of humor for us all, but it is also occurs often enough she probably could write a short book!

If any of you know Marie-Louise (or any other thirteen-year-old like her), you know the humor in the story. If you don't, it probably sounds like a plain story...we thought it was so funny, that I gave my friends, who know M-L, a play-by-play txt of the whole thing...It is also good to note that shortly after arriving at church, M-L took her robe off (she insisted she was hot). She did not put it back on till we were leaving, as it was her "coat" for the night!

Tuesday, September 30

Cameras & Scrapbooking

Have you ever noticed that when you have to rely on others to get you the pictures off their cameras of the trips together--even if you took the pictures--it doesn't always happen? Plus, after a while, you just plain forget to ask. Or sometimes you're not even sure if there were any, or many, pictures of the short hangout you had...

Well, I don't know if y'all noticed, but I've suddenly got a lot of pictures in my last couple posts. And does it ever feel great! It was a short weekend, where most of the time everyone was distracted in the interaction of humans and not so much taking memorable pictures of it, yet I've got some! Woo Who!

Thanks to Roy (Mom's new hubby) & Mom, who heard my last camera had been destroyed by a small sand particle during my first missions trip to the Philippines (almost 2 years ago). They were going to get Alissa a new camera for her birthday when I piped in. So I searched the internet and found a camera that almost screamed "missionary proof." They decided it was perfect for my lifestyle, and both Alissa & I ended up with two really great Olympus, dustproof & shockproof & waterproof (up to 10ft under water) cameras! Mine is turquoise and Alissa's is yellow; mine came in the mail almost two weeks ago and Alissa's finally arrived in WY! And the cool thing is, no little partical of sand can destroy this one! Neither can an accidental drop in a toilet or a friend sitting on it or anything (the only thing I have to watch out for is theft, LOL!)

Now I'm just gabbing because it's SOOOO great to just take pictures again! I can be that lady whose downright annoying to her friends because she can't take enough pictures, that lady who has abundance of both professional-looking and crazy photographs for writing, blogging, and especially remembering moments with my friends via scrapbooking! Woo who!

I know I could probably better use the money for my trips, and don't need expensive toys. But there is something about having a camera again; it's like saying "I'm back" after a long trip in netherworld. It feels complete, like a weird part of me had been suppressed in not using the art of photography to capture moments and the cool designs of scrapbooking to log the memories in a fashion which no words can fully encompass in a simple journal. (no wonder I once tried to go to a college for Script & Screenwriting; there is something about facial expressions and lighting which says so much more then even a book ever can!)

And just for show, here's a picture of my camera. But this one I had to take via my camera phone so it's not as good...LOL!

Monday, September 29

Toronto Airport Church, Conference...

Well I had a lot of fun with my friends late at nights and a couple other times, but the first two days we attended the conference I pretty much had fun with God. Thursday and Friday, I spent a lot of time with God, out on the floor drunk in His presence. Most of the time I'm not even sure what happened, but some of the time God showed me incredible things and just loved on me back!

<- Emily laying in God's presence
-> Tim trying to sit with Cathy's help

Saturday morning we decided to catch up on sleep and go only for the afternoon session and then ended up enjoying ourselves at the B&B instead and stayed in the kitchen till late into the night, talking, worshiping and all such fun and spiritual things we like to do together. Sunday, we accidentally slept in till 10am, and since we had missed church (which was 20 minutes away, and started at 10) and our hosts got back right then, we stayed and had a late breakfast and enjoyed another couple hours there. Then we all left and went our separate directions.

<- Em & Tim enjoyn picts
-> Dave takn picts Sat. night

<- Hosts: Doug & Janis

-> Tim leadn worship late Sat.

Sometime in there, late Thursday, the Ingole parents came with friends from their church--Russ & Marsha, whom I had the pleasure of getting to know during our week attending the Florida revival. Then they left before we were up Saturday to go to the conference in Toronto, but somehow got lost and decided to enjoy the day at Niagara Falls before heading back home to do church in the morning (Mike Ingole is the pastor of the church in East Liverpool; where we are having the ladies conference this weekend, too, by the way). Sadly, I didn't see them much, so no pictures of them...

<- Em, studyn Bible, Sat.
-> Getn ready, on way to Conf

<- Cole strangln Tim to wake him, Sat

-> Em & I at church b4 meetn

Our Gang before we seperated ways after noon, Sunday.
Top row: Tim, Emily, & I (all FOFs)
Then: Cole (friend of Ingole family & from OH)
Bottom Row: Dave (Tim's friend, and internet site manager), Cathy (his mom), & Michelle Harter (a FOF)

Thursday, September 25

Golden Birthday...

Have you ever noticed its the simple things in life that make it better? small and simple can say more then big and expensive; if its with friends, sometimes it doesn't matter how much they spend on making a special day for you, its just special that they do...

Emily, Michelle, and Cole got lost on their way to the church--they tried a short cut, which added over an hour to their trip--and got there just as the service was ending. The first thing Emily told me was to stay put, and Michelle ran out to the car for something while we mingled and talked with Pastor Jun. Then my surprise came--and boy was I worried!

<- Em


P Jun
& I

It was simple really. A big-beaded pink necklace wrapped around twice, a cute pink tiara, and a little wand. (Have I mentioned that my least favorite color is pink? And all shades of pink! So by default, also red?) Of course I had to wear it all for pictures, and was supposed to keep it on for the rest of the day (thankfully there was only 3hrs left and that was how long it would take to get to the B&B in Streetsville, Canada!)...The funny thing is, that as much as I abhor Pink and don't like being too girly (Can it get anymore girly then all pink and a tiara?) it was somehow cool. I was the princess for a couple hours. And it was my friends way of making it special. Once we were downstairs in the coffee house, hanging out and eating, they handed to me a little Victoria Secret bag (it's an old joke, but I swore I'd never be caught be dead carrying one of those bags through a mall, and ever since then I've gotten gifts in those bags!). I was worried, again! (it would be like them put something "interesting" in there too) But all it was were a couple of those really cool musical cards about friendship (one was the show Friends, go figure), the Momma Mia soundtrack (woo who!), and a really cool picture of the three of us girls in Honduras together!

Then we had a really long, but really fun, road trip up to the B&B where we met up with Tim, his friend Dave, and his mom Cathy--who arranged this whole thing. Of course, once there, we stayed up another couple hours to laugh and talk with each other--as seems to be our habit whenever we're together!

Unless you count the fact that my friends drove a couple hours out of their way to stop by and pick me up on my birthday, it really wasn't anything too big. Yet somehow it was one of the sweetest birthdays I've ever had (the only other one was when I turned 19 and my dorm-hall went together and made a special scavenger hunt for my gifts and gave me a cake at lunch)...I think I'm beginning to understand it's the company that makes the difference, not so much the price or place of the event, it's the fun, the laughter, the craziness of our interaction. And of course none of that is possible without the company, the actual friends! Thank God for my friends!

To my friends & family, thank you for always making such simple days so special! I love y'all and I thank God for you, every day! May He bless you as your presence has blessed me!

Wednesday, September 24

The Day Ahead...

Well, today is my "Golden Birthday" (I'm turning 24 today, which is the 24th) and among many wonderful gifts, one of my friends is paying my registration so I can go to the conference with them in Toronto, ON, Canada! Its at the Airport Church up there, which oddly enough, I have never been to. I'm excited because I've always wanted to see Heidi Baker and she's one of the speakers!

The day is gonna go as follows (now that I'm all packed): at 3:30pm we are going to my cousins parent's house and having diner and hanging out because our pastor from the Philippines is here and we want to eat and commune with him every chance we have. Then at 6pm when we have our usual Wednesday night church meeting, we will go there and I will meet up with Emily & Michelle and a friend of the Ingole family. We will stay and listen to as much of Pastor Jun's preaching as possible, and then start our way up to Canada...There tonight Cathy Hoffman will being picking up her son, Tim Wright, and a friend of his at the airport. And tonight the FOF's (friends of Four) will be back together again and get to enjoy the conference together and with other friends and family also meeting us there!

Sadly, Sunday we will all be parting ways again and heading to our separate homes. Until then, I not only expect to meet God in a new and awesome way through the conference, But I also anticipate great fun and interaction with my friends!

Praise God for His many blessings!
<>< HJ

Monday, September 15

The Weekend...

Well our conference went great! Tina was an awesome speaker (as I knew, but others hadn't yet) especially for the subject of Praise and Worship. I had a wonderful time with my friends Christine and Emily (who had to leave Saturday to preach somewhere else Sunday, which I heard went awesome and was along the same theme, too!). Christine got to stay till a few hours ago because she doesn't have to work till later today; but while she was here it was decided, she is now joining us to go to the Philippines! Hoorah! I was also blessed to receive a couple hundred for my trip from a friend, as well as have next years conference handed off to me (the subject is going to be on friendship and titled Forever Friends, so please come and bring your friend/s!)...

Oh, and as an added bonus, for my birthday a friend is paying for my expenses to attend the conference in Toronto on my birthday. I really wanted to go, since I've never been and Heidi Baker is a speaker I've wanted to see since I first heard her of her a few months ago, but with trying to pay for the Philippines trip I couldn't do both. So I'm very happy about getting to do both! (Of course, I'm trusting God for the provision to still go to the Philippines; but I'm certain, when God calls, He provides. He has every time before, so He will again!)...

That's all for now, I believe...I pray blessings to y'all...

<>< HJ

Tuesday, September 9

Planned Philippines...2008

This is just a note to keep us in your prayers. Half of the medical team has dropped out of going to the Philippines in October, and the lady who was going to lead the Bible School for the kids has dropped out too. We can still manage, but most of us who are still planning on going are very very short financially and all of us are wondering when--not if--God is going to provide; we need $2400 for the plane ticket in two weeks! Emily and Michelle could also use extra money to come up with the medical supplies they plan to bring...We appreciate and envy your prayers, so keep it up. In the end, The Lord will have just the right people going and all the things we need, right now we just need more faith!

I love y'all and pray God blesses you back, continuously...

<>< HJ

Monday, September 1

Salamanca Women's Conference

On The Corner of Praise & Worship:
Sept 12-14

Registration Friday, 6-7 pm

Meetings Friday, 7pm
all day Saturday, 9am-9pm
Saturday night, worship bash, 7pm
Sunday church with lunch afterward.

Main Speaker: Tina Davis.

Tina was born and raised on the mission field in Caracas, Venezuela, moving to Rochester, NY at the age of 10. She moved to Virginia Beach, VA, to attend Regent University, graduating with a joint Masters Degree in Community Counseling and Practical Theology. Tina has spend the last 15 years working with at-risk youth and their families, specializing in substance abuse treatment for adolescents. Tina has ministered through worship and the Word across America and internationally speaking at worship conferences, women's conferences, and other leadership venues. She's been a worship leader for over ten years at New Life Providence Church in Virginia Beach, VA, and is currently the co-founder and director of King's Chamber, a worship and intercession ministry for an "audience of One." She has recently become the leader for a postmodern service, ministering to both the de-churched and unchurched in the community. She and her wonderful husband, Christopher Davis, have been married for nearly 2 years, and have just returned from leading a worship and intercessory missions team to Turkey.

Feel free to come and stay the night, but remember your:
Bible & Journal
Snacks to share
Sleeping Bag
Towel (showers available)
Other toiletries

Ps 138:2 (NKJV)
I will worship toward your holy temple, and praise your name for your lovingkindness and for your truth; for you have magnified your word above your name.


Valley Christian Assembly
Prospect Ave
Salamanca, NY

Call me or Debby for more information
And check out our schedule here

Salamanca Women's Conf. Schedule

FRIDAY, Sept 12, 2008
5:00-7:00PM Registration
7:00-10:00PM Evening Session
________Worship-Josh & Angelina Creed
________Speaker-Tina Davis
10:00PM Snack & Fellowship

SATURDAY, Sept 13, 2008
8:00AM Breakfast
9:00AM Session One
________Speaker, Dining Hall-Cheryl Harrison
_________________"Give Me One Good Reason"
________Speaker, Sanctuary-Delores Chapel
_________________"Deborah: Warrior/Worshiper"
10:30AM Session Two
________Speaker, Dining Hall-Becky Ingole
_________________"A Call to Worship"
________Speaker, Sanctuary-Cathy Hoffman
_________________"Spiritual Warfare: You Can Be Free!"
12:30PM Lunch
2:00-4:00PM Session Three
________Worship-Cathy Hoffman
________Special Music-Linda Clute
________Speaker-Tina Davis
5:30PM Dinner
7:00-9:30PM Worship Jamboree
________Special Dance-Angelina Creed & Marie-Louise Davis
_________________"Holy of Holies"
________Worship-Debby Davis
10:00-12:00PM Fellowship

SUNDAY, Sept 14, 2008
8:00AM Breakfast
10:00-11:00AM Sunday School
11:00AM-1:00PM Morning Session
________Worship-Josh & Angie Creed
________Speaker-Tina Davis
1:30PM Lunch

Monday, August 25

Missions: Honduras 2008

Just a quick note to let y'all know I returned safe and sound from Honduras on Saturday 23rd, flying into Pittsburgh, PA, around midnight. I went to church with the Ingole's and their church family Sunday morning before Bill Hoffman drove me home.

HONDURAS was awesome! There are so many things I could say about the place, the people, the trip itself, but I'll try and limit myself just a little...

We arrived in Roatán, Honduras, August 8th, drove across the island to a location across from The Key (a smaller island which never appears on maps and juts off of Roatán) and then took a couple boat trips across till we got our luggage and our team across...I must break quickly to mention our team consisted mostly of friends and church family to the Ingole Family, most of whom I had met at some time but only the Ingole's, Bill Hoffman, Pastor Joe (first week), and Michelle Harter (second week) did I truly know. Now, thanks to the trip, I can truly appreciate them and even better I can now call out most of the people in Jubilee church by name (that's saying something for me!)...back to the trip. We went to Brian's shack, which the guys would be tearing down and rebuilding during the two weeks we were there, and found all it's posts submerged under sewage water due to the recent rain. Bill Hoffman immediately responded with "we can't do this," however, as it turns out, the guys did manage to tear down the shack, dig holes, which they filled with cement, cement blocks, and more cement, and then add floor to the new building in the first week. And it was now stable. The neighbor across the path made a huge fuss, and continued to cause problems during the two weeks, then we found out she was into witchcraft and did intense prayer over the building between the morning and evening church services on the 17th. It did take till the very last minute on Friday the 22nd for the guys to finish the last bit of the new house (they finished by flashlight) before we left early Saturday morning.

THE FIRST WEEK, our team consisted of 12 people, then on Saturday two left (Pastor Joe and Pastor Amie) while 11 more arrived. It was rather full, then, at the mission house, but as I said before, I had a great time getting to know everyone...The first week, Monday-Wednesday, us ladies did a Bible School in the afternoon for the children of The Bite (the poor area, near the shack being torn down, and a Spanish-speaking area [The Key was mostly English/Island with little Spanish, while Roatán and it's Bite were Spanish with little English speakers present; yet they were oddly, only a quick boat ride away from each other!]). Wednesday morning, we also had a soup kitchen in the same building as the Bible School, and in the evening the Mission House where we stayed (which also has a school for the Key and a church) had its usual Wednesday Night church service which we attended. We saw almost 200 kids that last night in the Bite...Then Thursday we had a day off, for us ladies that is, and all but one of us went to a natural beach, which takes really long to get to, but was definitely worth it! Clear and calm, beautiful! Oh, and we stopped and shopped briefly on the way for little trinkets for family back home; maybe that's why the trip seemed so long!...Friday, while a couple of the ladies went to help the men, I and one stayed and rested--I was due for a nap!--and Emily went out boat riding/driving with three of her long-time friends from the area (they are now my friends to, we call them Yo, Jo, and Carretta)...Saturday Emily spent most of the day at the airport, dropping off two people and waiting forever for the next eleven to come, while Erin Fisher and I worked on making a cake at the neighbors, decorating it, then carrying it back over for Michelle Harter who's birthday we had missed because she was only coming in that day!

THE SECOND WEEK we did clinics. Monday and Thursday was in the same church as the Bible School had been in down at The Bite. Tuesday was quite a drive farther down the island, and Thursday was a long boat ride around a large section of the island. We saw nearly 700 people in the clinic over those four days, and blessed the people with medicine, care, love, and prayer. The first two days I was a gofer-girl (I ran between one nurses table and the clinic table for supplies), and the second two days, when Pastor Mike had to go back to help the guys, I took over the position of praying for each patient after they had been seen and giving them a little gift bag we had designed (various assortments of candy, pencils, rulers, combs, toothbrushes, toothpaste, cream or lotion, or other such little things they all appreciated!)...Friday was another day off for us ladies and once again we went to the beach, this time without any stops on the way there or back. And spent longer there before coming back earlier--we had to handle the Youth Service that night. In the end, most of the ladies helped the guys finish by flashlights and Emily, Michelle, and I were left at the last minute re-planning what we were going to do...

OH, and I forgot, the first Monday there Emily and I covered the chapel service for the school, and I shared my testimony of healing from the wheelchair. It was too early to be up and I crashed for an hour nap afterward, but it was good. All the more practice for the big Friday night...

YES, Friday, I preached for my first time! Not just sharing for a couple minutes, or giving my testimony, but preaching...Don't laugh, but I spoke on Zacchaeus and The Covenant of Friendship. Maybe you'll hear it sometime, or I'll post it here. At any rate, it came about because I opened my mouth and said I'd had something cooking. I was smart enough not to say it any sooner then that Friday, but I also said I had something because I felt the Lord urging me to share it and when we needed to come up with something at the last minute for that night, I thought "It's now, isn't it, God?" So I mentioned it...It went great! God was definitely there and was really hitting my interpreter. There were a couple times I had wait a while before she could speak again, once she sobbed and said "This comes straight from the Throne room!" and then, finally, she couldn't speak and a friend of hers in the back stood up and took over...I know I'm called to be a missionary, and through friend's and prophecies I've been told I'd preach, but now I can see it. I know God is moving me that way, and I'm glad He's using matter how great or small!

Thanks for your prayers and support!

Blessing to y'all!
<>< Hannah Joy

Saturday, August 9

Today: Honduras and Angelina

I have set this post to automatically appear as I am sitting in the Pittsburgh Airport waiting to take off for Honduras! FINALLY! But while you all are thinking about me and holding me up in prayer for the next two weeks, I hope you'll also remember a very special person today as well...

TODAY, at about 5pm, my cousin Angelina will be marrying a wonderful guy named Josh. And boy, am I excited for them! It will take place back at home in Olean as I arrive in Honduras. I am terribly sad I won't be there (originally we were going to fly out the day AFTER, not OF, the wedding) but I want to give her and Josh a wonderful SHOUT OUT!

Angie & Josh:
Congrats you two! May this day be wonderful; as family and friends gather from all over, may you know you are truly loved and blessed. And may all your days ahead as one be truly God-filled and God-sent! May what occurs today in celebration be but a small representation of how much better it will get with each new day to come! God bless you both, and my prayers are with you as you fly to Hawaii tomorrow as well!

Tuesday, August 5

Busy week...

This'll be short...Man is it getting busy around here! I'm trying to get ready to leave for my friends' house Friday, so we can fly out early Saturday morning for Honduras (I'm so excited, but also nervous; it's the first missions trip I've done with this group of people, so we'll see what it's like)! I'm also working on getting the brochure ready for the women's conference we will have in Salamanca in September (and it's looking snazzy! Almost professional, if I might brag!)...on top of that all, this house is filling up with preparations and people for Angelina and Josh's wedding , which is also this weekend (congrats you two!)!

Friday, August 1

My New Doo...

Saturday July 26th: I looked over the internet and talked with my sister, Becky, on the phone. I tried to find out where they might do LOL (Locks of Love) locally, but all I could find is that they have an annual day for it. WAY back in May. But in the process I found the site for LOL and the instructions to do it myself! So guess what? Aunt Debby and I tied, cut, and bagged twelve inches of my hair! Yet it's still shoulder length...

Monday July 28th (late): we finally got some perm rods and a perm kit. For some reason none of the local stores carry it anymore, so when Cathy went and picked up her son, Tim, at the Buffalo airport she stopped by Sally's and got it for us...then Deb stayed up till almost midnight (she, Fred, and Weesy were leaving the next day, so it was then or a week later) and permed my hair. A long-time wish, finally come true! (one of these days, I'll do it when I've got long hair!)

This is me a day later, with my hair pulled back:

Saturday, May 24

The Wanderer's Adventure Continues:
Virginia Times: Worship Monday Night

I finally got some pictures from the prayer meeting we had on Monday night, and I thought I would share them with y'all so you can see it. As you can see, the FOFs (Michelle, Emily, Tim, & I; see TEAM: Africa 2008) are back together again in VA. But we are joined by a bunch of new friends we met while there, and I would like you to "meet" some of them! However, I don't remember everyone's names, just the ones I've hung out with more since then (so bare with me if I don't mention everyone in the pictures!)

Above (L to R): David, Shannon, Dee, and Michelle Hartley...Don't you just love that stained glass window? Too bad there isn't a full picture of it!

Below is Paul playing guitar. He worships spontaneously, like Tim, and it's great!

Above is Faith, who is a great leader and friend with a heart of gold and solid after God!

Below, on the bench (L to R) is Dee, Michelle Hartley, and Me. On the floor curled up in a tiny ball is Shannon, then two guys, then Emily Ingole and Tim Wright...I would've been on the floor then too, but Em had just beat me to the last spot I could slide off a bench to.
Above is that row of worshipers on the floor again, but all of a like mind. Pretty cool picture, eh?

Tuesday, May 20

The Wanderer's Adventure Begins:
Traveling South

So, Sunday I found out my friends, Emily & Michelle were headed to Virginia Beach to meet up with Tim Wright and hang out. Well I wanted to go too, not only to be with them but to see me long-time college friend "Sooki" too (I haven't seen her in a year and they have an adorable little girl now). But the plane tickets to meet them were out of my price range, and I felt at peace with God--if that makes any sense--so I just went to bed figuring God knew what I wanted and if He wanted it for me, He's work it out. After all, I have also been dying to go down to Lakeland, FL too, but that will have to come in His perfect timing too...

Anyway, I woke up early yesterday morning at what I jokingly call an "un-Godly hour in the morning" (I'm a night person). While laying in bed, feeling quite peaceful and having had one of the most restful nights of sleep in a while I thought briefly of VA. Then had an odd thought: "wasn't there someone I knew going down?" I tossed the thought aside, and then it persisted. And with a name: Christopher!

Now I don't know why I had not thought of it sooner, he had been with us for the weekend and was leaving to go home soon! So I jumped up, asked Aunt Deb if he was heading out today and going straight through. She said "Yes" and that he was leaving in an hour. Well, I juggled my cell phone trying to get a hold of my friends--make sure they were serious about me staying with them in the their hotel room, and see if maybe they could get me back home later--while packing exceptionally fast!

Then another thought hit me fast. A friend of mine, Erin, in Lisbon OH, had been begging me to come and stay with her and her family. Her mom (Erin's a younger friend) had said she would drive out and pick me up and take me back later. So I called them up quick to ask if I got a ride back up there later this week, if they would get me back to Olean next week sometime...I got another voice mail.

I finished packing, asked Chris for a ride and we left shortly afterward. Thankfully, Erin got back to me just before we left so I knew if Emily & Michelle would take me home with them when they returned to OH, they could get me to Erin's (who lives near Emily's parents) and sometime Erin's mom would get me back to Olean.

I've never done anything so spontaneous in my life! and I still had not got a hold of my friends who were in VA when we left! And we were near DC before they finally called and said it was fine with them! My response was "Well, I sure hope so, 'cuz I'm on my way already!"

So last night, Chris dropped me and my small bags off on the Regent Campus where I met up with my friends in the Library's Prayer room where I then met several more cool people and had an awesome time of prayer, praise, and fellowship well into the AM hours. Then we went to a restaurant and hung out longer. And now, I'm off to bed and a wonderful time with my friends in VA till late Thursday night when we leave for OH...

I'm finally traveling on the road, on my own, just like me dream! Like Aunt Deb said: "and you thought you needed a car to do that?"

Sunday, May 18

Time Flies...

Oi! It's been a while since I posted anything and a lot, and I mean a LOT, has happened!

MAY 13-14:
There was a leadership conference going on back in Lima at EBI for a few days, and my Uncle Fred wanted to go up and meet with a few people he knew would be there around then. And I had been trying to figure out how and when I could get back up there to see my sister Becky before she left and moved to the YWAM base in Idaho. So together, Fred and I went to Lima Tuesday and Wednesday. Fred stayed with my dad an hung out with whoever it was he went to meet with--something about video bible school's making, etc--and I stayed with my Mom and both sisters.

Of course, they were both working like crazy in the cafeteria of the school, but they did have off a couple hours in the middle of the afternoons, so I made it a point to be around then. Sadly, we only got one picture in of us together, and on the last day, but hey, at least we got one, right? We swapped our missions trips scrapbooks, found out awesome stories about each other's new friends (ones not even posted on blogs, so yeah I've got one over on all y'all! Muahahahaha!)

I did have a blast the whole time I was up there. Got to see a few people I hadn't seen in a while on campus, talked about the awesome things God's been doing in and through my friends and I, handed out a couple newsletters, etc. Ended up talking to my old, and close friend Sister Debby Krueger for longer then originally intended, but who ever regrets about talking with her? And it was such an incredible blessing! Isn't she great? And yes, all you former EBI kids, she's is still up there punching away at her computer and praying for all of us (she still has all our pictures on her same old cork-board!).

Tuesday night I went to the Lilac festival with a friend from my old home church, Christine, and we surprised another friend when we met up there--the second friend didn't know I was going to be in the area! Then Wednesday morning, at one of those unholy hours (I'm a night person, can you tell?), I got up and Christine picked me up before picking up another friend to take her to the airport. So I got to surprise to long-time and dear friends that weekend! And I had a blessed time telling them, also, all the cool stuff been going on with me--and making them a wee bit jealous, apparently...I also got to talk with my pastor's wife, the beloved Jeanie, for about half-hour on the phone as she was just getting back from visiting her new grandchild. Sadly, I didn't get to visit with her, but maybe next time I'm up?!

Wednesday evening, then, I went out with Mom and her fiancée Roy Libby to Ruby Tuesdays. That was a little interesting. It wasn't bad being with them, just different--and for me, too soon--having mom with someone else in her life...For all you who are wondering, they are engaged, and the wedding is set for the end of August with only the kids present. Thankfully, I'll be back from Honduras shortly before that! ...Anyway, back to the meal. During and after the meal, I had a good chat with Roy. About what I'm up to, what God's been doing, and about his two children (who are about 7 years younger then mom!). I'll get to meet them the day of the wedding, so we'll see if they are as great as they sound!

Shortly after that, Fred picked me up and we drove back home to Olean. And it was nice to crash for a little while!

MAY 16-17:
Friday, Deb and I cooked up a storm in preparation for Angie's wedding shower the next day. Then in the evening, the church had its usual bi-weekly coffee house, but I didn't go. Instead I stayed at the house and finished up the cool Jello creation Deb and I were working on for Angie's wedding shower the next day, while dancing and watching the Florida Revival live on (It was a great service, as always--can't to go myself!)...Anyway, you should see that Jello thing! Not too many people ate it Saturday, but we had a good turn out and a great time! It was themed of a Luau because their honeymoon is planned for Hawaii...Oh, and the Jello was blue Jello in a wide vase-like thing with gummy fish and other sea creatures in it. Then Dad rigged up a paper boat for on top and put it right next to a large fish I had managed to get stuck in there with his nose out of the water! (if I get a chance to download a pic from my phone, and figure out how to format it differently, maybe I'll add it...with a pic from the Lilac Festival, and one of lovely Angie at her shower!)

MAY 18:
And today, at church, was incredible! I felt God so strongly I had a hard time standing straight. At one time I was bent over my guitar and eventually had to put it down and get on my knees for several minutes! Once again, I'm not sure what God did, but I know every time He is stronger in my life, and that I grow less and less--I care less about what people think now!--He does something! I did feel a stronger tingle in my hands and up my arms while kneeling and speaking in tongues; a sense that I am told, and beginning to believe, is what God does when His healing power in strong on my hands...time will tell what He does with that. And what I do with it! For now, I will try and be more in tune to His directions and begin to see things happen!

That's about all for now, but God bless! And I pray I encourage you to step into what God has for you too!

Christ's love to y'all!
<>< Hannah Joy


I just had a vision of a feast table, set before His people. He's standing at the head, arms spread wide and inviting, and saying "Partake."

I believe God is saying this anywhere, everywhere, no matter what we are facing at the time. It's not just for Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, it's for all times. And all of His children. When we came into his Kingdom as a child of His, we gained free access to Him and all He has for us. We can enter His presence with boldness and confidence (Ephesians 3:12). In fact, everything we seek is in Him & as a part of Him, it is Him.

He did not ask us to be cup, poured out for others. Then to come back under the faucet to get refilled and refreshed. He asks us to remain under His fountain, to remain in the place where we will forever overflow. And the great thing is, that fountain is wherever we go. There for us to partake and continually partake of as often and wherever we are. Where a normal fountain is stationary, God is everywhere, just waiting for us to remain and continually cry out for more...Also, as we remain under the fountain, we overflow over all the sides of our cup, our vessel, (us, as a temple). Where as, if we were to go out, then come back to be filled up; if we were to continue to pour out, tip over, we only pour out on that one side for one person. Rather then effect all those around us continually. As God intends.

We can have as much of God as we want. We can have all of Him. We can do greater works then Jesus did (John 14:12). We can be so consumed with Him, continually drawing from His never-ending source, that even that which we think of as dark--like our shadow--can be consumed with His glory and used by Him! ...I can remember a little girl I knew long ago, who used to be terrified of stepping on someone's shadow. In fact, she was afraid of her own shadow for a while and hated to see it following her! Yet that which can terrify, can be redeemed for His glory! Like Peter, our shadows could heal those we just pass by (Acts 5:15)! Or, we could do even more mind-boggling and greater works then that!

Praise God!

"This is my body, which was broken for you..." (1 Corinthians 11:24)
Do not stop partaking of Him, and all He has for us! Drink up! Soak in!

Christ's love to y'all,
<>< Hannah Joy

Monday, May 12

Soak it in...

WoW! Isn't God incredible! Ha, Ha!

I've been entering into His mighty presence every night for a while. I can't seem to get enough! And even just at nights it's not enough! Praise God! I'm starving! Ha, Ha! I keep being "distracted" by God. Trying to work on my Philippines scrapbook and get 2006 part done before going for a visit to Lima means working on it some more today. Because God had just kept "distracting" me! Not just at night, not just throughout the night, but throughout the day too. Sometimes I just get an urging, and I know I need a few minutes alone with Him. Find out what's up. I wake up at all hours of the night, with His presence so strong in the room that I cannot sleep. Nor do I want to!

There's is nothing more awesome then to LIVE in His presence. His constant, overflowing, presence. His peace, His joy, always right there. His filling, refilling, and overflowing...WoW! Ha, Ha!

I'm not even sure what happened Sunday night, when I attended the Florida Revival via the Internet (God.Tv). I didn't think much happened then. But I woke up this morning and so much had happened! More things were broken, and more healing occurred...God is here! And He's never leaving!

Oh, how I love it! God is sooooo good!

I should have been done with the 2006 part of the Philippines scrapbook last Wednesday at the latest. But GOD is the best "distraction" in the world! Woo, who! (Yes, even I squeal now!)

Ha, Ha! Soak it in people! There is a revival sweeping the nations and it's never ending!

Let it come, Lord! Let it keep coming!

Sunday, May 11

Don't Quit!

DON'T QUIT! I don't know that I can emphasis that enough! DON'T QUIT!

Again and again, we earnestly seek something and it does not come to pass!
Again and again, we pray for someone and see no results!

There is nothing more discouraging then praying for someone and seeing nothing happen. Then earnestly praying, earnestly pressing in, pushing for the Lord to heal this person and getting nothing. It is a lot easier to pray for someone or something removed from us; to pray when the person is not around, even, because then if nothing happens we don't 1) look like such a fool, and 2)we don't get as discouraged! When we are not around, we can stop praying after hours, lay down for the night, and when we next talk to the person and find nothing happened, it's all right. That was yesterday. This is today...perhaps it was impatience, but now it's complacency.

I don't know about you, but I get discouraged. I, for one, am not healed completely. I still suffer the after affects of the medicine I was on and the permanent crippling of the disease of Arthritis. I don't know how many times I've stomped and prayed till I was red in the face, or how many times I knelt and pushed, or how many times I cried in all earnestness till the tears dried up. Yet still nothing! I've been to prayer services, watched ones on the Internet, read the books, heard the preachings, tried everything I could think of. And I am thankful for being out of the wheelchair (don't get me wrong), but that's not enough! I've laughed hysterically under the influence of the Spirit, "fallen out" under the overflow of the Holy Ghost, and completely surrendered to Him till I was twitching uncontrollably or dancing like a maniac under the electrical power surges coursing through my heart; yet nothing physically has been completed! Don't get me wrong, again, it has started again; I grew an inch within a week after Philippines 2007 trip, I was delivered of my milk allergy while on that same trip, I've grown and matured in other non-physical ways, and begun to know and even feel the Divine Presence of the Lord as an everyday, almost minutely experience. YET, still, the physical remains bent and crippled. The straightening has started in my back, but what I would give for the foot over night! After all, if that was not impossible for me to believe as a child, why should it be any more impossible for God to do now that my mind knows how much more impossible that should be?

Children have such incredible faith. They'll believe anything you tell them. I remember when I was about 6 years old and my Dad was joking one night about not wanting to take out the trash. It was raining and he said he might melt! To this day, I can still hear my little sister begin to weep uncontrollably as he stepped outside with the trash. Mom kept trying to console her and tell her Dad would be back shortly. But when I explained she might have actually believed Dad would melt, we all waited. And as soon as Dad came back, Mom made sure he went to my sister and showed her, and told her, that he had only been joking and was perfectly fine. Being a resilient child, she was fine within a few minutes and off having fun, but I'll never forget that example of a child's simple belief.

When nothing happens as we pray and continue to seek God for a miracle, and we get discouraged, we--or at least I do--ask what happened. I always want to know why it didn't happen. Did I not have enough faith? Or perhaps the person I was praying for, did they not have enough faith? We are reminded constantly to be like little children (Mat. 18:3), and told that in order to have a peace that passes understanding (Php. 4:7) we have to give up our right to understand, yet we still ask. We still want to know what we can do.

Well, I wish I knew. I really do. But the one thing I do know, God will work regardless of any seeming hindrances, when it is time! After all, He is God of all things. Hindrances, principalities (Rom. 8:38), lack of faith (Rom. 3:3, II Tim. 2:13), etc, all included!

Don't give up! Between us all, I'm sure all the hours are filled with prayers for the same people and situations. Between all of us who continue to persevere on other's behalf, or stand firm with them, I'm sure the hour will come when deliverance comes in the flesh again! But what will happen if we don't stand firm? It'll probably still happen, but you'll miss out on your part, your blessing of persevering.

", and it will be opened to you..." (Matt. 7:7 & Luke 11:9)
Yeah, it can be embarrassing to stand at the proverbial door at 3am (which is the time it is now) and bang on it loud enough to wake the neighbors and then some. But if we truly want something bad enough, we'll be willing to suffer all (to sell all; see Matt. 13:44) to get it. Even if that means we look stupid when nothing happens, the neighbors wake up and yell at us, and yet we go back again and again, night after night! (see Luke 18:1-8)

I used to think it was bad to want something really bad from God, like healing. After all, wasn't it possible we were looking for Him to do something for us, instead of reaching for Him? Yeah, it is. But even if that is the case, even if a miracle happens in another country to a few unbelievers, does it not point the way to God? by showing them His miracle-working hands, are we not showing them Him, even if only the smaller part of just His hands?
I had a vision in January, in it I saw all the gifts, all the miracles, all the desires we have ever sought from Christ. And they were not sitting in front of Him. But rather, they were Him. They were in Hi gut! And by reaching for them, we were reaching for Him!

So How much of God do you want? Enough to be called foolish? Or look stupid?

Enough to NOT QUIT?!

I hope so...I pray together we both remain in this fight, and together, I know we will all see the full manifestation of Christ in and through us--the Person of Christ, in the flesh, our flesh--once again!

And it will come to pass!

Luke 18:1 " show that at all times they ought to pray and not to lose heart..."
I Cor. 16:13 "Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong."
Eph. 6:10 "Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might."
II Tim. 2:1 "You therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus."

Stand with me!
<>< Hannah Joy

Saturday, May 10

Burning Bush...

I fell asleep last night watching the rerun of the Florida Revival on the Internet (I had watched it live, already, I just wanted something decent to rest in God's presence to for a bit). Next thing I knew, I had fallen asleep (which I almost never do to any noise at night!) and then I was waking up to Misty Edwards live from the IHOP prayer room. I do not remember what she was singing, or what all was being said--I know it was incredible--but in my half-awake stupor I caught the words about a flame, or a fire, or something on that line. Suddenly I broke out in a cry in my heart, and though I never fully woke up, I prayed earnestly and fell back asleep with this cry on my lips (copied from my journal & heart).

Why do I copy it for y'all to read? So you may be witness to it. To hold me in prayer, and to know what the Father is doing in my life! And, perhaps, to be a witness and encouragement to you too! For what we desperately cry out for, what we earnestly seek, that we shall find! "seek, and ye shall find..." Let us find it together!


I don't want to just
bring Your fire, I want to be Your fire! I want to be consumed! I want to be a burning bush to the nations! I don't want to just sit on the side-lines and watch, I want to be! Be You, in the flesh, again! Be Your fire! Be Your peace! Be Your bush, a burning, unquenchable, all-consuming bush!

I am desperate! I'm not content where I am! I want more, much more! But not just for a short time; continuously over-abundance of You! To be consumed, filled to forever overflow!

May I not only have the boldness, as in Ephesians, to come before You, but may it overflow to my approach to others! I have an unrefined bluntness, but I believe it is a gift from You which, as I said, is unrefined or immature! CHANGE that! Use me, Father! Make me bold for You!

A burning bush in the desert of other's lives! Consume me! So all the junk within will be nothing--less, even, then ashes--and all I have for You will be to bring glory to You as it shines brighter!

BURN ME! Set ME ablaze!

BURN ME! Make me
be Your burning bush, forever

BURN ME! ablaze in Your presence and to Your honor!

Your desperate daughter,
<>< Hannah Joy

Friday, May 9

Healing Ministry

I don't know if I dare post this, as it seems a bit bold, but I just "came to" (as it were) from what I believe is a vision. It started as more of a thought, or an imagination, but I know in the end it was so much more, so much more God controlled as when I "woke" from it, time had flown here in my bedroom and I had missed the sun rising and the day starting. Yet I feel it is worth saying, because of the pivotal role children will play in this move of God.....It started with the memories of all the prophecies I've received, and my desperate prayers, concerning my operating in a healing ministry. Of my thoughts on my trip to Honduras (Woo, who!) and many other future trips I know the Lord has worked out for my future. And both other prophecies and my own visions, of standing in front of throngs of people...and this is how it played out:

It was a church, appearing very much as the second one we had our Women's Conference in while in Benin this February. Cement walls, simple platform, skinny building yet crowded out with people. And more people outside...It was not as crowded as perhaps some of the prophecies have been, nor was it anywhere as near as large as what people have seen me in, but I sensed it was closer to the beginning of the Lord being gloried through His healing hands on mine.

I stood up and preached, I think--I definitely spoke for quite a while if I was not meant to preach. Oddly, now I do not remember what I said. What stands out was what happened next.

I had all the sick children, those who
wanted to come up for prayer and healing, to come up. And one by one I prayed over them...Then I did something that had never occurred to me before (it was as though I had done this in a few churches before?) and then asked those children who had been prayed for and where willing to go out and lay hands on the adults who were seeking healing from various ailments. I asked the adults to sit, and raise their hands, keeping them up till after they had been prayed for, and then I wondered the isles and prayed while the children spread out and watched the healing fire which had so shortly before been imparted to them, be spread to their parents and other adults!

I'm not a big kid-person. Kid's are alright, but better off playing with the people who prefer to play with them; the more energetic, fun loving, adults or baby-sitters out there, then with me. Yet every now-and-then, I get in a weird mood and suddenly notice a child or two around me. Once in the Philippines I noticed three young girls, about three years old, and ended up dancing and staying with them throughout the entire service. Why? Because I suddenly felt drawn to them and oddly felt as though I was looking at the next generation of people like myself (I had been drawn to Christ and had accepted Him as my Savior at age three), and I could no sooner reject the calling of God on their lives then I could enjoy adults who rejected it on my life while I was young!

And then I had this vision. And during it, as I was about to call all those who desired healing to come up and be prayed for, I suddenly felt that same odd feeling and instead asked the children who desired healing to come forth. I asked the parent's not to push their children up, but if their children wanted to come up, then I encouraged them too. And then I encouraged the children to operate in the healing, believing that as I had prayed for them I had imparted healing to them which is never something to be kept inside but to be shared! (as is everything else in the Kingdom!). I'm sure there were adults having issues that I, who they had asked to show up, had not laid hands on them. But I have never liked a name being attached to a healing, at least any other name but Christ's! So, in this way, I stretched their faith in healing being from God, regardless of who operated in it, and also in that God has and continues to call children to His kingdom!

We are to be as children! Simple faith, such a simple act! We make it so complicated, especially in the US, and especially us analytical thinkers! How I over analyze everything! Trying to figure out when, where, how...Yet true understanding, true peace, comes from a lack of understanding. An innocence to the situation, allowing Christ to truly govern in it all, and thereby bring true glory to Himself! A "peace that passes understanding", requires a lack of understanding. Some lack to the "grasping the concept" idea!

Are you alright with having your mind being blown away?
If not, then I pray your innocence will be restored! And His peace will govern your life as He takes the reins and you, well, you just enjoy the ride of your life! For was it not, when we were not fully trained in how to handle the reigns, that we enjoyed God and His goodness better? So let's give those reigns back! And lets see His children be restored to their rightful place in the Kingdom (and that includes us adults who are having our childhood restored in the Kingdom!). May we all have child-like faith, no matter our earthly age!

I hope this wasn't too blunt...but I thought I would share it!
Christ's love to y'all!
<>< Hannah Joy

Wednesday, April 30

Healing hands...

How much of God do you want? You can have as much as you want...

Look at my hands. They're small; short chubby fingers. The works...nothing special. Yet God has called them healing hands...and that is what I've been seeking from God lately. In prayer. And fasting. The gift of healing, He promised so long ago. A gift He offered on the cross with His blood!

Sunday, while at the conference, someone encouraged me to go pray for one of my young friend's mother, who has been having problems. (She has had so many surgeries and operations over the past few years, and was struggling with some problems that weekend it was a miracle she even came to the service Sunday!) I don't know why I didn't even argue the point in my point, I just went over to the mother and prayed for her. Don't really remember what I said, anymore; it's probably irrelevant anyway. All I know is that is she was healed! Praise God! And then this past Monday I got a phone call, and apparently she had a doctor appointment later last week. And--of course--the doctor confirmed that she was healed!

So, again, look at my's not about them. They are just hands. My hands...What I found where God's hands. Big, strong, powerful hands! Hands that can move mountains!

We can have as much of God as we want...
So how much are you seeking for Him in your life? Did you find it yet?
Whatever you do, don't quit!

Thursday, April 24

A Little note from Haney-Pack
Where packing means carrying Christ to the Nations


Her name was Kim (with a Spanish “I,” like Keem). She lived in a remote town on the little island of Busuanga, part of the Palawan cluster of islands in the Philippines and a twelve hour boat ride from Puerto Princessa, Palawan. Like some of the Filipinos who attended the small church in Chey (pronounced chew-y) during the time the missionaries where there holding conferences, Kim was there to help out. She wanted to enjoy the free food and did not want to be affected by the meetings; nor did she expect it.
During the first night of meetings, the Holy Spirit fell so strongly that not only were most of the Filipinos either falling out under the power of God or laughing with the Joy of the Lord, but so did most of the missionary team! Not a person was un-effected. That is except Kim.
She was outside preparing a late night snack for everyone when she was drawn in by the laughter and joy lighting up the night air. She peeked in the back church door, and the next thing she knew, several hours later she was staggering and laughing her way out the door on the arms of one of the young missionary women.

My name is Hannah Davis, but my nickname is Haney-Pack as I am always giving out waist-level hugs! I was one of the team my Aunt Debby took to the Philippines last fall. We saw several people healed and delivered while we traveled across the islands and while we ministered at the churches. Though the whole trip was awesome, I was specifically affected by what happened during our week in Chey. Not only did God talk to us and give us new revelations while under the influence of the Holy Spirit, but He used us too! Even in ways we never knew of at the time it occurred!
While we spoke, shared, talked, and enjoyed our time in the meetings, the Lord touched Kim and many others like her! But for Kim, it was extra special. After that first meeting, she shared with us her testimony! During that meeting, though not a word had ever been spoken about or prayed over her concerning her being Lesbian, she was immediately delivered from it! And when we last saw her, she could not stop commenting about how handsome a certain young man looked!
What’s more, the Lord is still moving in that little town. The Lord is anxiously waiting to impart more to His people! Every night since we left that little church, they have been having meetings and God has been there waiting every night! Amazing!

AFRICA 2008:
He was about five years old and his name was Abel (pronounced Ah-bell). He was one of over eighty children at the orphanage in Benin, West Africa; the orphanage Pulcherie ran and the visiting missionary team tried to support. While several of the orphans were adoptable, Abel was not for his mother was still alive, though she resided indefinitely at an asylum for the mentally ill.
Abel had a cute smile and a ready laugh, but mostly he just loved to be held. He was a rambunctious boy and did not like to sit still long, so rather then stay in one person’s arms continuously, he would clamber from one missionary team member to another. And he never stopped smiling!

For the first week in Africa we held two ladies conferences in the morning and afternoons, and went to different churches in the evenings. We saw many people uplifted and delivered of various ailments and diseases; I saw one girl, who as I prayed for her to see, her eyes suddenly lined up and she looked right at me! While another young lady was delivered of a demon when a friend prayed for her!
But, perhaps, one of the most memorable times for me was the second week. It started out with an awesome youth meeting, where the youth on our team—including me—went and each took turns sharing. I had almost nothing to say as I stood up to share, but each time the interpreter finished and I opened my mouth again the next words where there! As a result of all of us allowing God to use us outside of our usual comfort zones, the meeting became a powerful prayer, worship, and time of intercession! We did not get back to our rooms till very, very late! But it had been totally worth it!
Then, for the next several days, we went to the orphanage we are trying to raise support for. While several on our team played and distracted most of the children, the two nurses looked over each child one at a time, and when they were done looking over that child, I prayed for, blessed, and gave him or her a candy. But in between each child, I sat and held one of the younger children and kept a small, enraptured group entertained with little games or tickling. And if I were to choose a favorite, it would have been Abel; he had an incredible smile and beautiful laugh, which I constantly tried to draw out with another tickle!

In the last year and half I have been blessed with traveling to many places in the US, West Africa, and the Philippines! My dream has always been to be a missionary, travel, and help missionaries. And starting in 2006, that has been exactly what I have been doing! I have been helping and ministering with Fred & Debby Davis as part of DavisMission. It has been awesome to be such a blessing to those we meet and those I live with; albeit, it has been a big stretching, growing, and learning experience as I learn to get along outside of my comfort zone—my bedroom! I have learned much about trusting God in the everyday mission’s life, but I have been enjoying every minute of it too!
With God’s help, all things are possible!
I am expecting to continue in this ministry and traveling to carry God to the nations with my Uncle and Aunt; but I also hope soon to venture out with friends and on my own too! We hope to go to the Philippines again in October, perhaps finally go to somewhere in East Europe next year, and I am also planning on traveling to Honduras with my nurse friends this August.

- Please pray for God’s guidance and continuous direction, as we travel and minister both in the
US and abroad
- The provisions necessary to continue this work,
- And for the orphans in Benin, whom we are trying to raise support for!
As the Lord blesses us, may you also know his blessings “exceedingly abundantly above all that we may ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us” (Eph 3:20)!

Christ's love to y'all,
<>< Hannah Joy