Monday, February 17


Had another interesting, puzzling, thought that raised so many more questions in my mind...

We say that God chooses to restrict Himself to needing and using us, His people, as His hands, His feet, His mouthpiece, etc.

Yet, there are stories where angels have appeared as guards and helped people escape through a coup. Or where He appeared in a dream or vision and talked to an unbeliever, causing them to decide to seek out Christianity. And other such stories...

In other words, more often then not, God might choose to restrict Himself to using us, but He can and does sometimes use other methods.

However, there is one thing that He chooses to restrict Himself to that there is no alternative.


He stands outside of time. He can make sure everything happens just the way He needs or wants it to, the first time. There is no reason to do a do-over...

I have never heard of anyone getting on their knees today, begging for something to appear in their cupboard that, well, they forgot they needed, but they needed it yesterday.

"Hey, when did that get there?"
"Don't you remember? Someone gave it to you yesterday/"
"Uhm, no. I'm pretty sure nobody did; it was not even there two minutes ago or I would not have been begging God for it now."

I have heard of God suddenly softening a heart if there was forgotten due-date and grace was provided for allowance to give it tomorrow or something. I have heard of God working miracles with time in that way. But never by going back in time, as it were.

There is a movie I love to watch called Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. (There are two movies; I'm referring to the first one). The interesting thing is the whole movie focuses on solving the puzzles to finally achieve this gift that is referred to on several occasions as giving the possessor the "power of God." They are, of course, referring to time. If they can do what needs to be done in the time it needs to be done in, the one who holds the special object can have the gift of time and can go back and change whatever they want, do whatever they want. No restrictions. They stand outside of time.

Time seems to be the one thing God restricts Himself into, and the one thing we can only dream to achieve...

And I wonder...why is that? Why is that the one way He chooses to restrict Himself? Why is it that outside of movies and the imagination, I have never heard anything about a time-warp like the above 'mini-story'?

Even our moments of panic and suddenly pleading (because something had a due date of yesterday) still works out better when all is said and done, somehow. And that is the miracle. The one thing God orchestrates, every minute of every day, that we take for granted and never see...The miracle of time. Perfected, the first time.