Friday, December 9

The Joyous Family: Snowfall at 16 Days 'Til Christmas

I took all these pictures a long time ago, but how appropriate that at 16 days 'till Christmas,
we are covered in snow...
and the countdown-snowman is with the candy dish and matching salt & pepper shakers,
which are also covered in snow?!

I woke up about 4am, and followed an odd sound
to find one of my angels trying to see how much snow we have so far.
I did what any mother would do:
I turned on the porch light
and lifted him up to look out the front door...
and, of course, snapped a picture at the same time...
I'm just that good

Of course, then, this morning,
I was hardly surprised to be woken up early
-- with the sun...almost...except for a lack of sun, and just white low-hanging clouds --
by one of my children..
The fur-baby, "child"

Apparently, Lance could not wait to eat some of his beloved "ice cream"!
Of course, his bounding back and forth, insisting,
woke everyone else up...

I insisted that we get a picture of the height of the snow with a ruler,
before it all got trampled.
Joyce wanted to use one of the "cool 'ulers"
(one of our pink or blue, plastic rulers)
But when it could not be seen in the outdoors
(too see-through)
we opted for mom's old-fashioned wooden ruler
Isn't Joyce beautiful?
I love that toothy smile!
Even if it is a little early in the morning

Oh, and before anyone complains,
She does have shoes, knee-high socks, and leggings on,
but the snow is to high to see...
Oh, you meant the lack of a coat or gloves?

While I love things small,
-- I am small, after all --
and I love having little children
(and there are benefits to it all),
It does get interestingly hard to find clothing...
(esp"grown up" looking clothing, for a mom in size 12-14 kids)...

Baby Nina wears a size smaller then Joyce & Bruno;
Nina's size doesn't exist,
Because Joyce & Bruno are still wearing Newborn...
Good luck finding a snow suit or two in that tiny size,
nevermind gloves!

We're the little family,
A blessed family:
The Joyous Family...

Welcome to us...