Saturday, October 30

Just a quick update

I plan to try and find time to post pictures and update my blog with stuff from the last couple weeks, but right now I just wanted to let y'all know that on Monday, NaNoWriMo starts and so my time is going to be devoted to writing elsewhere from then until the end-ish of November. So I'm not sure when I'll get around to updating this blog, but it'll probably be after November; then I'll re-date my posts and update it as thought I've never been gone...Thus far we've had a couple birthday parties, are going to have one for M-L soon, and I just got back from a friend's wedding. So, at some point in time--after November--I'll get on and get all that on here. Until then, know that I haven't disappeared, I'm just spending all my free time writing 50,000 words in 30 days! Oi! This year I'm even competing against someone I know: my Aunt Judy! Aught to be fun!


Sunday, October 10

Salamanca Women's Conference

Well, our conference, though adjusted to be a simpler one-day event, turned out be bigger then we planned! In fact someone said they thought we had somewhere around 50+ people, which I believe is about the second largest crowd we've ever had for our women's conference! The meetings went off without a hitch--that I'm aware of--and we all had a great time. Just thought y'all would want to know! Also, for anyone interested, we're having our full three-day event in May (date to-be-determined) along the same theme: Healing Garden. Feel free to join us, or follow us on Facebook events...

Christ's blessings to y'all,
<>< HJ

PS. for more pictures, look on Facebook, as well!


 worship & service

Saturday, October 2

Quick Update

Nothing to eventful has been going on since my last post. Mostly I've been busy or tired. But not a lot I can share. I did wrap and finally find a big enough box to send my sister's birthday presents to her, so hopefully she'll get them sometime Monday (since that is her day; Happy Birthday, Kiddo!) I'll try and remember to add the pictures of that sometime, and reveal the answers to her game to y'all once she figures it out; however, we do have our Women's Conference coming up this next Saturday, so we'll be busy, so y'all can keep us/that in your prayers! And don't fret if you don't hear much from me till after this weekend!

Christ's blessings to y'all!
<>< HJ