Monday, November 28

the Joyous Family: Introductions at 27 Days 'til Christmas

To start, let me introduce myself. My name is Hannah Joy, but I have been called Haney, Harney, Actuallywhatyabut, Somebody, daydreamer (ask my wonderful, home-schooling mom just how often she had to pull my head out of the clouds), and other various, sometimes rather odd, names. Most people are aware of the fact that I am over thirty, and a single mom to a mostly-wonderful boy (the four-legged, furry, kind). But for the sake of some of the coming posts over the next couple of weeks, I think it is important that I introduce a couple other members of this Joyous family that are not as widely known...

A grandmother, hearing of the first grand-daughter, fought the crowds for one of the first Cabbage Patch dolls, which was presented on the grand-daughter's first Christmas (at barely three months old). Jannina "Nina" Florence, however, spent almost three years in the box, until she could be used to entice the grand-daughter to stop climbing furniture. Nina and that grand-daughter were almost inseparable thereafter. Nina went on every doctor visit, got dragged through the mud (and got left outside in the rain on a windowsill), was a pillow and tissue on more occasions then anyone could count when they stayed overnight in the hospital. In fact, Nina has had it so rough, that her fingers and the back of her neck (her head has threatened to detach) has been re-sewn on several occasions, until she finally got a pair gloves made during one of those homeschool sewing class.
In the all-to-imaginative mind...Nina is often portrayed as the adopted, adorable African-American infant. Her hair done up in tiny little braids, pulled back into an almost permanent pony-tail. She smiles a lot, and is a generally good-natured little one, who likes to pull herself up -- be it, by dog, pant leg, or furniture. When allowed to roam free, she can often be found trailing and trying to imitate Joyce, or climbing on Lance...

For birthdays and Christmases, a great-grandfather, lovingly, would give his great-grandchildren money to be put away for college; but one time, just shy of the ninth birthday, one of those great-grandchildren, was given permission to buy something -- yet at the time of purchasing the desired baby boy doll, a toothy-grin-ginger-of-a-doll caught the great-grandchild's eye, instead! Joyce Elaine (the true middle name remains a mystery as the Cabbage Patch birth certificate got lost shortly after purchase), being one of the pose-able dolls, came in a pair of overalls so she could climb/hug trees; however, the wire in her limbs eventually broke, making her pose-able no more.
Imagined...Joyce was born with teeth, and a curly mop of red hair. She is about toddler age (2-3 years old, usually) with a cute, infectious laugh and joyful spirit that she takes, almost, anywhere. Her sassy, stubborn attitude, however, can often get her into (and trying to wiggle out of) trouble. (we have no idea where she gets it from ;) ) She takes after her aunt, in that she is like the energizer bunny and never stops, until she completely drops! She is a bit of a tomboy, and can often be seen running or dashing around. Underfoot. Climbing. Everything. Or hugging. Anything...

When that great-grandchild (above) with her great-grandfather's birthday money, found the girl doll she could not resist, she had also picked the boy doll she wanted. It had been a difficult decision to go home with only one doll, but to her delight, when her surprise birthday party came around, her mother had somehow (aren't mother's amazing?) snuck that boy doll home to be wrapped and saved for the party! Bruno Shane, like Joyce, was one of the pose-able Cabbage Patch dolls; he came with a tennis hat and shoes, to run and play outdoors, but unlike Joyce, he still has a couple of pose-able limbs.
(side note: when that great-grandchild "outgrew" dolls, she kept three: (1) the inseparable, raggedy doll called Nina, and (2 & 3) Joyce and Bruno, who, in a way, were a last [tangible] gifts from that great-grandfather, due to the great-grandfather's death but a few months after the birthday)
Imagined... Bruno has a cute, dimpled-smile, bright blue eyes, and can sometimes fool a person into thinking he is a shy, thoughtful oldest child (about age 5). Sometimes, he is a gentle, caring, helpful older brother to his sisters. And, well, sometimes, being older means he has a couple little sisters to tease, torment, blame, and dare into trouble. Or maybe it is because he has no brothers that his boys-will-be-boys nature is brought out on his sisters. Especially Joyce -- it begs the question, would she have been a tomboy if she did not have Bruno to lead? Some days, he brings out the tomboy, whether she wants to or not! And other days, it is a toss-up as to who likes mud the most or can get dirty the fastest!

Yes, let us not forget the four-legged, fur-baby! (the one most of y'all already know). Born at the beginning of 2013, just about the time the hunt for a service dog began. In a dream it was revealed that it would earn the nicknamed "doughboy" as not a day would pass without the bringing forth of laughter (think of the Pillsbury doughboy's laugh). Shortly after, as if by a miracle, a picture of said puppy (then called Lance) was found online, and within a week, was given as a gift.
Upon adoption, the puppy was given the full name of Sir Lancelot Doughboy. Aside from Doughboy, Lance has earned several nicknames -- among them: Lancey, Goober, Goose -- but he only truly responds to his given name. He continues to be a source of pride and joy, and a (mostly) wonderful adventure. To train. To raise...
Imagined? No, Lance can not be portrayed, or imagined, as anything but himself, because he is already quite real! (unless a person only sees a dog?)...but...he is fantastic at posing for pictures, so I'm sure we'll have some great adventures in the days ahead! #watchful #hekeepsawearyeye #goodboy

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